What is ceramics ?Each of us has its own association and understanding of this issue . For some it's my grandmother's favorite cup , vase , which look beautiful flowers, decorative dish on a wall, someone remembers rustic clay pots on the fence. In fact , ceramics so multifaceted that sometimes using it in everyday life, we do not notice . Everything from building materials, bricks , tiles, plumbing and finishing things created to decorate the inside and outside the premises . On this site we will focus on art ceramics , the things created with warmth and love for this art form , pleasing the eye and soul.To me ceramics started long before I was born . At first it was , and I came later . My father, a ceramic artist , Vladimir Ugrinovich Vikentievich , traveled all over Belarus , studying folk pottery and ceramic art historical roots . So I grew up on the best examples of traditional pottery , soaking up all the childhood concise and simple harmony -filled forms. Nonrandom in my life was the choice to engage in this complex and not truly feminine art form. Porcelain - very thin and good material if you use it professionally , it accurately reproduces every hand movement and help express emotions and feelings.

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